Join Harford Flying Club

Looks like you're ready to join HFC. That's great news! But take note of the following:

Because we only have two aircraft, our club has to keep its membership numbers under control. Depending on the type of pilot you are, we may or may not currently have space on our roster for you.

What do we meant by that? If, say, none of our flight instructors have time to take on a new student and you have zero flight hours and no certifications, we may not be able to accept you into the club immediately; while, on the other hand, we may have space for another pilot who is already certificated and just needs a flight review to start flying right away.

But don't fret. To ensure our current members have availability in the aircraft and our CFIs aren't overworked, we typically maintain a short waitlist of perspective members. Each year our membership fluctuates by 5-8 pilots, so depending on the current waitlist length, we may be able to accept you as a member immediately or in a couple of months, or next year. It all depends on the number that appears below.

As long as you're OK to be added to the end of our waitlist, feel free to fill out the form below.

The current waitlist length is: 0