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Harford Flying Club (aka HFC) is a group of friendly, safety-minded pilots who regularly promote aviation safety through monthly briefings, sponsorship of FAA safety seminars, occasional tours, social events, and presentations by our club’s Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs).

All of our CFIs are highly experienced and provide invaluable initial and recurrent flight training options that will enhance your skills as a pilot.

Your $30 monthly membership fee includes access to:
- Very economical aircraft rental
- IFR-certified aircraft with updated avionics, including Garmin GPS units
- A simple, online aircraft reservation/scheduling application
- Flight instruction by highly experienced CFIs ($25/hr VFR, $30/hr IFR)
- A local community of like-minded individuals

If you’re located around the Baltimore area and you're looking for opportunities to experience stunning aerial views, professional flight training, the realization of a dream, and/or a network of fellow aviation enthusiasts with which to "hangar-talk," you should consider joining HFC.

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N2834Q - 1971 Cessna 172


Garmin GNS430W IFR WAAS Certified
Garmin 496 Panel Mounted w/XM Radio and Weather
Bendix/King KX125 Nav/Com
Garmin GTX345 Transponder w/ADS-B out and in, traffic and weather displayed on 430W and iPad linked via Bluetooth
PS Engineering PMA7000B Audio Panel with 4 place intercom
2 Garmin G5 – one as PFD and one as HSI
STEC System 50 Auto Pilot with GPSS, Altitude Hold
JPI EDM 700 Engine Monitor
Nice Paint and Interior
900 lb useful load
38 Gallon Fuel Capacity
Rosen Sun Shades

N48753 - 1978 Cessna 152

Card image


Garmin GNS430W IFR WAAS Certified
KMA20 Audio Panel
2 Place Intercom
Garmin GNS430W IFR WAAS Certified
Bendix/King KLX135A GPS
Garmin 330ES Transponder w/ADS-B Out

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